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Real Darts but not as you know it!

Come down & enjoy a game of Bully!
Up to 12 people can play, compete in the latest interactive darts games , enjoy great food, drinks and atmosphere in your own designated area. Book now in 1 hour slots, available for upto 12 people in 6 groups of two or as little as 2 people can play.


Interactive & Addictive 

Choose from 6 different games, all interactive with sound and animation.
1st player £15, then additional players £7.50 per hours play. 
Call or message to book.

        Who doesn't Love
        a bit of Bully !

Why not play the original Bullseye game, aim to win a new mini metro, a toaster or teas-made. This interactive game is exactly as the TV series. Battle your way through the rounds, test your general knowledge, knock out your opponents and gamble your prizes for the star prize.

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